Main Beach Laguna


Activity: Swimming, body surfing, skim boarding, beach strolling, suntanning, people watching

Laguna Beach is a cool place to be… the shops, the restaurants, and it’s artistic vibe. There are numerous wonderful art galleries, including the very cool, sea inspired Wyland’s Gallery overlooking the Pacific, to the Cliffside Dining where as you wait to be seated you can stroll through neat little kiosk type stores with all sorts of fun ocean knickknacks as well as art or beach jewelry.

But it is all there because of the beach. While there are lots of gorgeous little coves and beaches that make up Orange County’s Laguna Beach it is Main Beach that is the star of the show. Centered in downtown Laguna, Main Beach is a must do when planning a trip to SoCal or even locals seeking a respite from the rest of the world while ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’. Laguna Beach is a perfect place to hangout escaping the 405 Freeway, and our busy workaday lives. The beach is a place to get rebalanced, to kick off the shoes and get a little sandy.

Main Beach stretches from Heisler Park to the North, one of my favorite parks anywhere, and ambles along sun drenched beaches, with gentle lapping waves. It is a splendid stroll about 2 miles before you would need to turn around or do a little scrambling to get to Woods Cove to the South.

Main Beach has a cute little boardwalk with benches, a little playground for the kids, lifeguard station along with the icon Laguna Beach Lifeguard Tower, volleyball, basketball, a little grassy area with picnic tables and of course the sea, the sea the beautiful sea. You can almost always see perched up on the hill looking south toward Main Beach, an artist sporting canvas and paint brush. It really is quite a sight. If you are not artistic yourself there are plenty of galleries in Laguna- that painting will be on display for purchase.

One thing to keep in mind is one reason the Main Beach is not over run with beach goers is there are not that many places to park, so coming early is key. As you gaze at my photos you will see a vast difference between early morning and later in the afternoon, so heed my tip, plus if you park at a meter, keep in mind that Laguna Beach makes a living off parking tickets so don’t let it run out, or your luck will as well.

Main Beach Laguna is one of the exceptional beaches in California and must be experienced, so put it on your list.

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Laguna Beach quiet, peaceful, and tranquil morning. Lifeguards prepare for the busy day ahead.
The quaint, historic, and especially iconic Laguna Beach Lifeguard Tower.
Everyone should believe in something. I believe I should go to the beach.

Thanks for beach’n it with me, who doesn’t love the beach?! From my days in High School at Virginia Beach I alway found that it doesn’t matter how bad a day you had at school, or if you and your HS Sweetheart had a tiff, the beach and the ocean could always heal. What a fantastic place to be ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’. Laguna Beach has plenty more coves and beaches to explore so stay tuned by these following simple but important actions: LIKE, FOLLOW, COMMENT and SHARE. Actually as I was doing some research for this article. I started seeing all the names of beaches in Laguna and I though, ”dang I have a lot of beaches yet to explore. I never even heard of half of these. “ Then I realized that it is almost ridiculous how many beach names they have. It is almost like each street has their own beach name. I guess everyone wants a piece of this fabulous pie, lol. There is also lots of hiking going on at PBTA. If you go to the menu you will discover some of the unreal hikes that are available throughout the West. If you need a hat to protect your sun kissed nose or a long sleeve shirt with UPF50+ go to SHOP APPAREL.

Life’s a Beach!

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure


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